Clarissa Brockway

Who am I?

I'm a senior manager of an amazing team of software engineers. I am currently based in the Netherlands. My specialities are simplifying workflows and mentoring engineers. I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Technology and a focus on web design and development. I have 10+ years of experience as a software engineer.
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What am I passionate about?

I love problem-solving at all levels. Nothing exites me more than gathering info, disappearing into a dark room with some good music, and emerging with ideas and solutions. When I propose and develop solutions, I always have two things in mind: flexibility and longevity. I strongly believe in building things to last and never sacrificing quality.
While my background is in ecommerce, I like to apply my skillset to serve the greater good. Most recently, I am exploring ways to better serve the planet and reconnect with the earth.
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Certified SFCC Developer